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Scandinavian Jazz festival


  As a part of project “World music as a tool in removing borders” Tutti Serbia organizes Tutti Teaching seminar in Zrenjanin. 23.01.2014.










      In the period from 14th to 20th of October Association Tutti Serbia has conducted six activities.



Tutti music workshop 

 As part of the project called “Music as a tool in removing borders” supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade Tutti Serbia organized a musical workshop in the Sirogojno ethno village located in the municipality of Cajetina.




 On 27th of Aprli twenty students and three professor of jazz department at the University of Trondheim visited Serbia . They spent seven days in Serbia. They visited the the music department of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.On 30th of April, the International Day of Jazz, they are performed in  “Cekaonica” one of Belgrade’s most famous jazz clubs. During their stay they also visited other jazz clubs in Belgrade,  FB. Tutti Serbia . 2th May they have been guests of RTS (National TV).Their host in Serbia is  Jovan Pavlovic, who is one of the lecturers at the jazz department at the University of Trondheim.
Program of their visit was organized by the Office of Tutti Serbia.



The Trondheim Junior Solist in Serbia





Performance of Tutti Serbia member in Norway

Daniel Lazar




From 12 to 16 December Tutti Serbia will host famous Norwegian theater director, Tyra Tønnesen and costume designer, Dagny Kleive Drage from Oslo.
The reason for their visit is a short research study on the status and life of Roma in Serbia which they will use to write and present the first  Roma musical in the theatre in Trondheim. Jovan Pavlovic will compose the music for this performance, which will have its premiere in 2015 at the Trøndelag theatre in Norway.
Besides Belgrade, our guests will, during their visit to Serbia, visit the municipality of Vranjska Banja as well.           



 From 24 to 26 October in Belgrade, Tutti Serbia organized accordion workshop and concert  led by two accordion virtuosus – Bulgarian accordion master, Petar Ralchev and prominent Serbian accordion player Jovan Pavlovic, who lives and works in Norway. Participants of this three-day long workshop were students, instructors and professors of accordion from Serbia and abroad who performed at the great accordion concert on 26 October in the Cultural Institution of Palilula when the audience had opportunity to enjoy Balkan ethno music and jazz improvisation on the accordion.





  8. kliping novine i radio 29.09.2012


“To all people with a good heart” – Natasa Tasic Knezevic

Natasa Tasic Knezevic visited the Falstad Centre (Norwegian memorial and human rights centre), through the TUTTI project and performed at the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Yugoslavian prisoners to Norway during WWII.

Nataša Tasić Kneževic


Be one of the 50 magnificants performing at the big accordion concert in Belgrade! Take part in



Jovan Pavlovic and Petar Ralcev

             Balkan ethno music and jazz improvisation on the accordion

      Seminar & Concert in Belgrade   

 October 22 – 27, 2012                                                                                                    


May 11, 2012.

EXploziv 11.05.

Jovan Pavlović!






 The workshop of Balkan and Traditional and Modern Romani music

 Assosiation Tutti Serbia is organizing a music workshop on  Balkan and Traditional and modern Romani brass music. The leader of  the seminar is Marko Markovic, the most famous trumpet player in Europe. In five-day long workshop, Marko will demonstrate and reveal the secret of Balkan and Eastern European ethnic music with the focus on the equality and difference in the ornaments, rhythms and improvised music from the Balkans.

The participants are supposed  to play any wind instrument. There is no certain age limit, but it is recommended that the participants have some experience in playing in an orchestra / band. The complete workshop is not based on work with music notes, it is exclusively based on participants’ ear for music. The workshop is open for the participants from all over the world and  therefore the knowledge of the English language is advisable. 

Time: Autumn 2012. More information coming soon

Price: 400 € per person. It includes six-day accomodation, full board, all transfers and sightseeing tour. Flight/bus/train tickets are not included in the total pice.

If  you need further information, feel free to contact us by this email


I want to thank and appreciate Tutti Serbia for organizing Talent 2011 Project. It was such a nice and beneficial activity for me; I experienced and enjoyed playing with other participants, finding a chance to express different ideas for a common objective; and I hope we were able to take a huge step for improving our dialogues between cultures.
Everything was quite acceptable for me; yet, I wish to express my gratitude to the organizers and the leaders especially; helping and assisting us anytime.
I am glad to be a member of this organization, and I will proud with Tutti forever; helping the world to be a better place for everyone.

Mustafa Zorbaz
Participant of Talent 2011 Project




From September, 2012 Daniel Lazar member of Tutti organization

continues his education at Master’s degree program in performance at Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo-Norway.







Tutti Serbia in Stara Pazova


On Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Tutti Serbia Association organized a visit for thirty students and three professors of sociology from the University of South Trondelag in Trondheim to one of the largest multi-ethnic communities in Serbia, Stara Pazova. Among organized activities were a visit to the Center for Social Work, a meeting with the representatives of local government, a visit to a Protestant church and a visit to a primary school where classes are taught in the Slovak language.

These Norwegian social scientists had the unique opportunity to get the insight into the social security and welfare system of one community in Serbia, to exchange opinions and experiences with Serbian colleagues, compare ways of work and consult each other in relation to social programs and projects that are implemented in these two countries.
Representatives of the cultural center in Stara Pazova tried hard to make this day special  and among other things, arranged the visit to the representatives of the Croatian community in Golubinci, who wished us a warm welcome.
National diversity and multiculturalism is just the challenge that in this environment, as our students said after the visit, encourages greater creativity and provides better quality of life than in other municipalities. Students made the most beautiful impressions during this journey.


The Status of Roma in Serbia 

                                                                                                                                                                                          On Saturday, the 10th of March, Tutti Serbia organized lectures in the club Bird in Belgrade on the Status of Roma in Serbia and the Classics of World Music on Roma Issues, which were held by sisters Biljana Tasic and Natasa Tasic Knezevic, Roma. A successful philologist and journalist, Biljana presented the social position of Roma population in Serbia today, and outlined the current problems that Roma face in relation to education, housing, social security and protection, status of women, information, culture, availability of personal documents and discrimination. Devastating statistics indicate that 60% of half a million of Roma, which is the estimated number of them in Serbia, live below the poverty line but Biljana also proposed some measures that could be taken to improve their position.

The Classics of World Music on Roma Issues


 The first opera singer in the National Theatre of Roma nationality, Natasa Tasic Knezevic spoke on this occasion of the composers who, throughout history, used  Roma heritage as an inexhaustible theme for creating their works. The emotional and passionate nature of the Roma, their fierce temperament and eternal desire for movement, have always inspired the great names of world classical music scene, such are Verdi, Dvorak, Bizet, Schumann and many others. At the end of the lecture, to the delight of all present, Natasa sang parts of several famous arias.




27.02.2012. Tutti Serbia  signed a protocol on cooperation with the Municipality Čajetina

28.02.2012. Tutti Serbia  signed a protocol on cooperation with the Municipality Opvo and Diaspora group

From  22 to 26 February 2012 on Rudnik, mountain near the town of Gornji Milanovac, Tutti Serbia will organize “World music seminar” for younger participants. Besides participants from Serbia, there will be also young musicians from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Norway who will take part in this unique workshop. Teachers from Serbia who will  be responsible for this program realization are Prof. Zoran Bogdanović, excellency player on violin, piano and traditional Serbian instruments (bagpipes, drum, etc.), Prof. Biljana Kacanski, ethnomusicologist and vocal pedagogue and  Aleksandar Smrekić, accordion player and music arranger. This seminar is based on traditional music of Balkan. Teachers will try to, by using music notations, convey traditional melodies and songs in authentic languages of this region to the seminar participants. Apart from the music education, participants will get to know each other better through diverse free activities that this beautiful mountain offers. Music activities during these five days program is in accordance with the repertoire students will perform at the concert night, last day of the seminar. Concert will be held on 26 February at 19h at the Serbian – Norwegian Friendship house in Gornji Milanovac for Tutti friends, representatives of the Norwegian Embassy,  music schools in nearby towns, local administration and for all music enthusiasts.Welcome!
- Call for volunteers. “TuttiSerbia” organizes a music seminar in April 2012. If you want to volunteer in this project and observe the process of organizing and work of the seminar, feel free to contact us
- On the Video page you can see the experiences from the former seminars held in Serbia.
- Visit the official Facebook page Tutti Serbia
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