Music as a tool in removing borders -Montenegro

Music as a tool in removing borders -Montenegro

Tutti’s magic spreads to Montenegro

23.09.2015 // A group of musicians led by a Norwegian and a Serbian-Norwegian will gather in Montenegro to explore the music without borders, but also to perform.

A coastal town of Tivat will become the place-to-be for young and talented musicians coming from different countries to attend two international Tutti music seminars from September 29 – October 4.

One seminar is designed for musicians to practice playing without notes with well known Jovan Pavlovic (NOR/SRB) and Anne Fossen (NOR). As it is always the case with Tutti seminars, it will end with a concert. The audience will get opportunity to hear performance of traditional compositions from the home countries of the seminars’ participants, but packed in completely new and unusual musical arrangements.

The other seminar is for music professors and other cultural workers in a bid to exchange their experiences and discuss potential cooperation in the music sphere.

This is one in a series of seminars and concerts organised by Tutti Serbia, within the project “Music as a tool in removing borders”, supported by the Norwegian embassy in Belgrade. The main goal is to bridge the cultural, ethnic and religious boundaries between people. The projects gather groups of professional and amateur musicians with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, who come together to perform music concerts after only short periods of improvising during the rehearsals at the workshops.

Tutti Serbia plays a leading part in this kind of cooperation by providing conditions for these uncommon encounters. The main activities are carried out through the Tutti World Music Center-Serbia.

We used text from web site Norway embassy in Serbia

Photo by Music school Tivat

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