CONCERT Rasmus og verdens beste band

CONCERT Rasmus og verdens beste band



“Rasmus and the world’s best band”- “Rasmus og verdens beste band”-  The concert will take place on Wednesday, April 16th , from 6.00 pm in the Pozoristance Puz  Address: Radoslava Grujica 21, Belgrade

 The concert will be performed by Artists:

  • “Rasmus and the world’s best band” – Norwegian band

  • Branko’s snails

  • Special guest will be “TRIO” – group of young musician with autism disabilities.

The organizers: Tutti Serbia, Pozoristance Puz, Republican association of Serbia to help individuals with autism.

The concert is free, but reservation requested! Please book your tickets as soon as possible because of seating is limited. 

Jovan Pavlović (leader of Tutti Serbia is one of the members of the Norwegian band “Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band”. This band has won three times the Norwegian Grammy like as best band for children.

The members of the band are coming together with their families to Serbia. They will spend a week in Serbia in wishing to learn about the country from which it their colleague Jovan went to Norway 20 years ago.

The band will donate a concert for children in Belgrade, and beside them a group of children with autism will participate with one track.

 This is an affirmative way of approaching people with autism through their talents and creativity to members of the wider community.

Jovan will be in the role of animator and will translate part of the composition in the desire to get closer Norwegian music to children from Serbia.

Also, the audience will have the chance to listen Branko’s snails!

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