Inclusive musical “Magical Journey”

Inclusive musical  “Magical Journey”



The Association Tutti Serbia has established cooperation with the Serbian Republic Association for Persons with Autism.  The project, musical is performed on the occasion of International Day of People with Autism which is celebrated on the 2nd of April worldwide. As a part of the project Jovan Pavlović  performing on the premiere of the inclusive musical „Magical Journey“ .

Inclusive musical

“Magical Journey” Premiere on the 1st of April 2013, Cultural Institution Palilula

Director- Djordje Makarevic-well-known director and the ballet leader in Terazije.

The idea about ​​the musical appear in 2009, after a very successful promotion of the CD named “Fairy Song” which had been recorded by the children with autism, and released within PGP-RTS. The promotion itself was presented as children’s musical, so the idea of ​​creating a musical was the natural outcome. This musical will present music (vocal) and dancing skills that children with autism have and it will be the right way to integrate this population into the cultural life.

The main acting roles are assigned to the children with autism (six children) and their siblings. This segment actually reflects the support of the family. Professional actors, ballet dancers of Terazije Theatre and members of the Association Tutti Serbia will also give their support. This is the first project that has been created with the focus on the people with disabilities (autism), and where proffessionals are only a supporting participants.

The project is based on the already familiar idea of a round-the world trip. It is placed in the time period of 1903/1904 .

They will go on a trip follow by a song of the same title, which will be composed specially for this occasion. For each country it will be selected a certan song that corresponds to the specific time period. For example, in Russia the song “Kaljinka“ will be sung  (boy with autism) and girls, two boys with autism and the ballet will be dancing kazachok.

Costumes, at least those simpler parts, will be created in the tailoring workshop which is located in  the  school “Sveti Sava” in Umka. Program, invitations and posters will be printed in “Cosmos” company, which employs people with disabilities. In this way, empathy towards other vulnerable groups will be shown, in this case, towards people with developmental disabilities,  and they will get  the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

This is the first time that project like this has been created and we believe that it can be used as a model for other groups of people with disabilities and we expect that due to its innovation and authenticity the project will get a great attention.

As the children approach to this project with a great pleasure and enjoyment, we are confident that this project will contribute to increasing the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

The Fairy Song



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