Music as a tool in removing borders Belgrade

Music as a tool in removing borders Belgrade


International seminar  „World Music“ within project „Music as a tool in removing borders“.

Gornji MilanovacThis seminar  crowned with concerts on the Serbian world music festival in Gornji Milanovac April 24, 2015. and Todo Mundo Festival on April 25, 2015. in Dom Omladine.

 Participants of seminar are young and talented musicians from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Norway and Palestine.

Kim Tamara Zebic , Marta Hadzimanov , Sigrid Kjetilsdotter Jore, Marijana Leštarić, Mina Šukovič, Dusan Murisic, Stevan Samardzic , Teodora Arsovska, Marko Radojkovic, Boris Nikolic, Mustafa Zorbas, Serhard Bilyaz, Andrija Jankovic, Larissa Tereščenko, Bjørn-Petter Tøsse, Natasa Hadzimanov, Djuradj Duričić

With them also perform seminars instructors: Helge Norbakken (NOR ), Finn Gutormsen (NOR ), Jovan Pavlovic ( NOR / SER ) , Bajram Kafu Kinoli (ROMA ), Vasil Hadzimanov ( MK,SER ). 

The leader of this seminar/orchestra is Jovan Pavlovic.

 The audience  get opportunity to listen performance of traditional compositions that seminars participants carry with them from their own country, and packaged in completely new and unusual musical arrangements. 

 Project „Music as a tool in removing borders“ is supported by Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

Partners on this project are Association Serbia Festival, WAMS, Cultural institution Palilula, Dom Omladine  and Todo Mundo Festival.

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