Music seminars


The music seminars organized by Tutti Serbia are divided into two groups:

 Younger participants

(up to 18 years old)

Seminars for young artists are organized in many places across the country. The teachers are the best musicians and representatives of our folk tradition. Every seminar ends with one or few concerts. Apart from the music education, participants get to know each other better through diverse free activities that are a part of the seminar. The purpose of the cooperation is to develop mutual respect, knowledge, trust and tolerance between musicians that come from different ethnic backgrounds.

We have learnt from experience that the participants of the former seminars have kept in touch after the closing of seminars.



Older participants

(older than 18 years old)

These seminars are intended for music students, artists with music education degrees, or more generally, for highly talented musicians. They are led by the most eminent teachers fromSerbiaand abroad, who are committed to the values of Tutti Serbia.

The leader and initiator of the seminar is Jovan Pavlović (see

The aim of this seminar is transfer of knowledge, that participants gain by playing for Tutti World Music Ensemble, to the places they come from. In that way they create a base and take initiative for organizing such seminars in their countries. They become the ambassadors of this project by recognizing and accepting the idea of Tutti Serbia.

The most talented group of musicians connected to Tutti Serbia and TWMCS has about 15 members. Most of them are highly educated musicians and have versatile repertoire. With their concerts and public performances they promote the virtue of the activities Tutti projects are based on. The members are the representatives of Norway,Palestine,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Serbiaand also the representatives of national minorities inSerbia(Roma, Romanians etc). The concert program consists of traditional music compositions of the participant countries. Apart from unusual musical arrangements which make this orchestra very interesting, what makes it special is that the musicians play some music compositions without notes.


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