On 27th of Aprli

On 27th of Aprli



On 27th of Aprli twenty students and three professor of jazz department at the University of Trondheim visited Serbia  http://www.ntnu.edu/research/research_excellence/jazz . They spent seven days in Serbia. They visited the the music department of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Music in Belgrade Prva Srpska Televizija. On 30th of April, the International Day of Jazz, they are performed in  “Cekaonica” one of Belgrade’s most famous jazz clubs. During their stay they also visited other jazz clubs in Belgrade,  FB. Tutti Serbia . 2th May they have been guests of RTS (National TV).Their host in Serbia is  Jovan Pavlovic, who is one of the lecturers at the jazz department at the University of Trondheim.
Program of their visit was organized by the Office of Tutti Serbia.

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