“Tra-di-da!” with the choir A Cappellissimo from Trondheim, Norway


Facts about the choir and the trip to Belgrade:

A Cappellissimo is a medium sized chamber choir from Trondheim, Norway. Our conductor is Grete Daling, a college teacher and certified instructor from the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Daling has been the choir´s conductor for many years now, but she never stops to challenge her singers with new techniques and genres.

In 2011 A Cappellissimo participated in a national choir competition, where we achieved results on a silver diploma level in the ‘mixed choirs’ and ‘rhythmical a cappella music’ categories. The choir’s ambition is to make high quality a cappella music from multiple genres, ranging from Norwegian folk music to classical music or Cuban salsa rhytms. In addition to making high quality music, we always strive to make an emotional imprint in our audience’s hearts.

As our name implies, the main focus is a cappella music, but we also cooperate with artists and musicians from time to time. Working with professional musicians from various backgrounds gives both the conductor and singers priceless inspiration and input. In spring 2013 we had a special project with the Serbian accordionist Jovan Pavlovic, and this soul shaking rhytmical meeting actually inspired us to make a trip to his home town Belgrade this September.


In cooperation with the organisation Tutti Serbia we will have four days filled with cultural exchange and, most likely, many wonderful and memorable experiences. We will arrive in Belgrade September 17th. Concerts will be held Friday September 19th at 19:00 in Baroque Hall (Zrenjanin) and Saturday September 20th at 19:00 in Cultural Institution Palilula (Belgrade). The repertoire will consist of mostly Norwegian folk tunes, but also a few songs from southern Europe, including a Serbian surprise.


The choir’s comments:

The concert title “Tra-di-da!” doesn’t actually mean anything specific. They are in fact nonsense syllables, often used in Norwegian folk tunes to express joy and happiness. The title implies that you don’t necessarily need to understand the words to feel the emotion of the music, which is exactly what we experienced when we performed Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian folk tunes last spring. We didn’t understand all the words, but still the music outlined vivid pictures of happiness, sadness, anger, despair, love, hope and faith.

When we visit Serbia, it will be the other way around; you will not always know which story we are telling, but we will try to paint you some musical pictures through music, our language in common. In this way, world music can actually be a tool for removing borders. Also, it can be a tool that helps both musician and listener recieve and accept every color and shade of life.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to spread our musical joy and enthusiasm to many people in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, in the same way as Jovan Pavlovic shared his passion with us last year in Trondheim. We are looking forward to visiting beautiful Serbia!

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